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The IRC service (english version)

By running the IRC Server we provide the service IRC. The users are responsible for the content.

Although we technically run the IRC Server we do not take knowledge of the content of personal communication nor can we influence it.
Filetransfers utilizing DCC connections by means of dcc get and dcc send are not sent via the IRC server but as the name implies is a direct client to client connection.

Because the IRC server does not log either nicks, channels nor parts of the personal communication due to data protection and privacy reasons, we can only verify that a computer has been connected to our IRC server at a certain time and can supply the complete ident reply (rfc1413) if we still have them in our log files.

We can not verify what a user has said or done, only the participants of the communication know.

If you think you have observed illegal activity of a user within IRC please share your knowledge with the competent authority such as the police, who, contrary to us, can take legal actions.

All publicly available data about a given nick can be obtained using the following IRC commands:

/whois nick
/whois nick nick
/stats L nick
/time nick

Together with a local timestamp the competent authority should be able to find out the identity of the user, maybe asking his Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance and can take appropiate action towards this user depending on your statements.

In the course of our technical and administrative competence we are available for consultation as long as the time expenditure is not excessive.

According to the german data security laws it is explicitly forbidden for us to give log files to a private individual. The logfiles can only be exposed to competent authority who are in the process of investigation. We are not allowed to answer requests from private individuals concerning other private indidviduals.

General information about IRC (in german with the emphasis on *.de) can be found at and concerning IRC worldwide at

Thanks to Yagger for the english version!, February 2002